Freedom Link - Virtual Administration

As a business owner or leader, what would you do if you had an extra 10 hours a week?

Our Virtual Administration Team are here to give you that time to focus on the tasks that matter.

Freedom Link - Digital Marketing

Freedom Link provides a service that combines a Digital Marketing Manager, E-Commerce Executive, Content Creator, and a Business Development Executive in one simple package.

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About Freedom Link


Freedom Link is not just a consultancy company. We are a problem solving machine, built specifically to facilitate the execution of your business needs.


Your problems are our why!

We are not your standard organisation built on rigid hierarchies. We are built on driven and motivated individuals that are brought together to form enthusiastic and skilled teams.


Our methodical processes and systems are designed to make businesses run more efficiently. We streamline business processes to reduce running costs and increase business adaptability to market changes.

We streamline business functions, reduce running costs, and increase business adaptability.

We at Freedom Link believe businesses are built on good people with purpose.

We have both!

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Freedom Link - Increased Flexibility
Freedom Link - Managed Services
Freedom Link - Network

Increased Flexibility

Our task-based approach is designed to handle your specialist requirements, provide you capability, and scale when you need it. We work closely with our customers to solve their problems and improve their performance through our service, whilst managing quality, delivery, and control to your company's required standards.

Managed Services

Companies are moving towards managed services as it provides increased flexibility. This is achieved by managing single activities or entire functions through a managed service provider such as Freedom Link. 

Managed services facilitates the allocation of resources to the organisations core skills, their value chain activities, suppliers, and customer relations in order to establish a sustainable and stable long-term competitive advantage. 

UK Based Network

We are proud of the UK and we believe that all work should be kept in the UK and not sent to other lower cost countries under the disguise of making us internationally competitive.

Our promise is, all our experts are registered in the UK. This ensures we protect jobs and livelihoods of UK people.

Freedom Link - Inclusive Model

Inclusive Model

We are a digital organisation. Focused on delivering equal opportunities to everyone, regardless of background. Our network is set up to ensure our teams contribute their best thinking and work around their lives to ensure their success and yours.

Our organisation has been specifically designed to allow those that have access to a computer and the required skills an opportunity to work. We do not operate around business hours and our task-based processes allow our experts to work round their life commitments.

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